About Us


To provide Distributors and their customers trusted quality products with the highest standard of customer service through reliable and timely deliveries.

Deblo Industries Ltd. began it's operation in 1989 as a manufacturers' agency for McAvity products and since then we have grown to include the following water and waste products:

  • Clow/ McAvity/ Concord-Daigle Fire Hydrant Parts
  • Romac Industries Ltd.
  • Rehau Schedule 40/80 Pipe and Fittings
  • GPK Sewer Fittings
  • A.Y. McDonald Water Works & Plumbing Brass
  • Canusa corrosion protection
  • Advance System Products
  • Bolt-Pacs
  • Manhole Products
  • Anti-Corrosion Tape, Primer & Filler
  • Protecto-Caps and Protecto-Collars, Brass Ground Clamps
  • Zinc Anodes
  • Cadweld Shots and Accessories
  • Deblo Sewer Plug

Throughout the years we have been able to serve the municipal/ public works industry in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario. Deblo has set up local distributors in your area that supply all of our products to service all of your needs. You can contact us for locations.

Upon request we can send out catalogues complete with drawings and specs for any of our products.